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Jeff Schwartz

I'm Jeff Schwartz. The business of strategic communications in a new media world...for you and your CEO.

Jeff Schwartz's Bio:

Jeff Schwartz is an award-winning strategic communications business talent with strong project management, organizational and interpersonal skills. Mr. Schwartz is a media, public and investor relations expert, with thousands of appearances on TV, radio, and in print, trade and online press worldwide. A strong writer, communicator and C-suite trainer, he is a positive, energetic, detailed-oriented problem solver who thrives in team environments:   Global success innovating communications, media and public relations, crisis and issues management, marketing, digital and business development programs National honors for leadership in stakeholder relations and quality Distinction in the public and private sectors, including Fortune-500 energy, environment, and national security, and U.S. education, healthcare, science, technology and the news media Proficiency in energy, environment, defense, science, and technology development Experience in China, Malaysia and Asia Pacific   EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW: With a master's degree (Phi Kappa Phi), Mr. Schwartz brings passion for customer satisfaction and quality through a unique industry, government and media success record:   Inventing communication programs to earn unprecedented stakeholder support Representing high-visibility issues via 5,000+ media quotes, including classified events Pioneering digital strategies, apps and content for global use. Authoring thousands of news releases and online articles to drive reputations Training CEOs, astronauts, SMEs, and elected and civic leaders for public success Leading Quality and Process-Improvement teams to earn national awards Blogging before a public Internet existed, becoming a digital strategy leader Creating, managing, coding and designing the busiest B2C healthcare websites Designing nationally-honored online branding campaigns, including B2B partnerships Managing TV newsrooms, and anchoring & reporting news accurately and under deadline pressure for ten years in Ill., Mich. and N.M. Appearing as an official spokesperson on network TV, print, electronic, and new media worldwide, representing issues critical to U.S. interests Developing capital plans and winning RFPs worth $100M+ in new funding   SPECIALTIES: Strategic Communications Integrated Media, Social, Public, and Investor Relations Project Management Crisis and Issues Management Business & RFP Development Multimedia Journalism Strategic Planning Digital Strategy, Content, Apps, and Analytics Key Messaging & Branding CEO Training & High-Performance Team Building Clean Energy Quality, Process Improvement

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Blogging, Coding, Meteorology (Trained NOAA/NWS Spotter), Nuclear Physics, Oenology, Sports, Fishing, Biking, Skiing, Public Affairs, Community Service

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